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His Majesty Baldric

Persona: Norse 10th Century

Preferred colours: Red and Earth (natural) tones

Preferred Foods: Any Meat, Hand held foods, Cheese, Pepperettes, pasta.

Beverages: Bottled Water, G2 Orange, Coffee, dark beer and Scotch

Interests: Armoured combat, Fencing, Bardic, embroidery and Socializing!

Likes: Being proactive and organized, Communication, Dogs, anything fighting related, chocolate with peanut butter

Dislikes: Being late, Drama

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Her Majesty Breyla

Persona: Norse 10th Century for Reign and 14th Century for other times!

Preferred colours: Blue, Reds and Earth tones

Preferred Foods: Chicken and lean beef, Berries and veggies, little bit of chocolate!!!

Allergies: Lactose intolerant can have some dairy in limited amounts and type.

Beverages: Bottled water, G zero fruit punch, Chai Tea, hot chocolate, Gin smash.

Interests: Fencing (maybe it should be giggling), Enjoy watching Armoured combat and the Pageantry, Doing embroidery, Illumination and calligraphy. Dog coursing hope to eventually look at doing this with my dog

Likes: Organization, Animals (dogs are my favorite), shiny stuff, socializing

Dislikes: Being late, most alcohols, chocolate with peanut butter