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Feast of the Hare – Court Report

– by HRM Adrielle

Yesterday was wonderful, thank you to the event staff at Feast of the Hare and all your hard work to make the day such a success. It was Our joy and honour to invest Shahid and Catherine as Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing and also to TE Giovanni and Lucia for their dedication and devotion to the Barony during their tenure. We were also privileged to bestow the following awards
AOA – Lucie Peltiere 
AOA – Konstantin
AOA – Tristan of Caldrithig
MAIDEN’S HEART- Eleanor du Grismontes 
MAIDEN’S HEART – Duncan MacLeod
ORION – Kersteken Janzdochtere 
ORION- Gina Dragoni 
ORION- Lady Kaðlín of Harrowgate Heath
SCARLET BANNER – Lord Cennèdig of Flichesburg
CRUCIBLE – Alais de Poitiers
COURT BARONACIES – Lucia de Enzinas and Giovanni de Enzinas
BARONIAL INVESTITURE – Shahid al-Hasan and Catherine Townson

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