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Late Winter Shoot Court

AoA                      Ashling of Petrea Thule
AoA                      Theodora Madelena de Volterra
Maiden’s Heart     TH Lord Brendan Hunterson
Hammer                Lord Graeme de Liste de Cherbourg
Hammer                Mistress Aurelia Gabriana

Mistress Aelfwyn also gifted the Kingdom a set of Court Baronacy Coronets for regalia.   These would  be day loaners for the Crown to use should they chose to bestow a Court Baronacy but where they have not had an opportunity to have a Coronet made. The recipient would return it to the Crown at the end of the day and be responsible for commissioning their own Coronet. 

We also gifted Lady Kaisa a gift certificate for a pair of Bohemond Shoes.  We chose her as she has already added to much to the Kingdom during her short time in the SCA and she is continually striving to improve her kit and in doing so has inspired Us. 

Nigel and Adrielle

Rex et Regina Ealdormere

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