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Coronation Court of TRM Ragni & Siegfried

Morning Court
CROWN – Siegfried Brandbeorn
CROWN – Ragni Tzintara of Amberhall

Evening Court
* TE Rising Waters announced their intent to step down
* TRM announced their champions made during the day
     – Queen’s Champion – Menken Brechen
     – Fencing Champion – Giovanni d’Enzinas
     – Archery Champion – Brendan Hunterson
     – Thrown Weapons Champion – Christiana MacNamara
     – Gaming Champion – Eirik Anderson
     – Minister of Candy – Evaine of Amberhall
* TRM announced the new Kingdom Signet is Marguerite Gingraix, and thanked Augusta Gamerelli for her service
* Ambassadors from Aethelmarc brought greetings and gifts
* Ben Dunfirth presented the profits from Kingdom A&S, accepted by Kingdom Exchequer

AMH – Reynard de Foch of Ravenglass
AO – Chiara Stella
DUKE – Nigel MacFarlane
DUCHESS – Adrielle Kerrec

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