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Update – Youth Activities

To the Good People of Ealdormere,
Good news! SCA Inc. has sent us a new procedure (involving a new company) for completing background checks. Those members of our populace that have previously been involved in warranted youth activities (e.g. youth combat marshals) as well as the members of the Privy Council have already begun the process of getting their background checks done. Only those individuals contacted directly by me will be invited to the first round of background checks at this time. Further opportunities for background checks for interested individuals are being discussed and will be communicated to everyone soon. Please remember that any Youth-only activity requires two unrelated adults overseeing the activity with at least one of those adults having successfully completed their background check acknowledged by the SCA Inc. 
The current list of members who have completed their background checks include:
His Majesty Quilliam
Duchess Jocea
Duchess Kaylah
Duke Edward the Red
Duchess Rylyn
Graf Siegfried
Master Brand
Mistress Eyrny
Sir Baldric
Baroness Seonag
Baron Rattanicus
THL Colyne
Lord Pelayo
Lord Wulfric of Blackwoods
One of these individuals must be involved in any Youth-only activity in the Kingdom. More people will be added to this list as more checks are completed. If you are looking for a volunteer to help your group or your event, please contact me and I will help you to contact someone in your area that may be able to assist you.
Duchess Jocea Valente
Seneschal, Ealdormere

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