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Court Report – Murder Melee

A report of the Court of Their Majesties, Quilliam Rex and Tangwystl the Queene, held at Pikeman’s Pleasure on the third day of June, AS 52.

After opening Their Court, Their Majesties Quilliam and Tangwystl received the fealties of members of the Order of the Laurel.

They then gave Their Excellencies of Septentria, Dafydd and Mahhild, leave to hold Court. Once Their Excellencies’ business was concluded, Royal Court continued. The marshals of the various martial activities of the day were called forward and prizes awarded to the victors.

Their Majesties summoned Ludwig von Eisengrim into their Court. At his surprise in being summoned, Their Majesties noted that they had been searching for him for many years to complete the business of their predecessors Trumbrand and Kaylah. Indeed, as the scroll was read it became clear that this particular piece of business was dated to the Lady Mary Tourney in the 48th year of the Society, over four years past. The wording of the scroll referenced the now-clean-shaven Ludwig’s “forked beard” and resulted in much laughter. He was awarded the Orion for his skill in cookery. Her Majesty thanked her spies for tracking him down so that this could be done, and Duchess Kaylah greeted him with a hug.

Isabel de Rivera was called forward. A young lady wearing pink emerged from the kitchen where she was working and was awarded the Wolf’s Cub for her skills in lucet and knitting and her assistance at events. Her Majesty also presented her with a wolf pendant in a pink pouch to match her dress. Scroll illumination was by Hyrrokin and wording and calligrapy by Dame Asa.

Their Majesties called forward Helen Gray and awarded her with the Orion, also for skill in knitting and assisting with events (she had indeed organized classes for the day). Illumination by Jane Caldwell and Calligraphy and wording by Dame Asa.

Merewen de Sweynesheie, who was standing as Queen’s Guard, was called forward to kneel before Their Majesties. The Order of the Crucible was then summoned and asked whether it was their will that she be added to their number, to an enthusiastic and positive response. The new Honourable Lady was then admitted to the Order for her skills in illumination, research, and other arts. Scroll was wrought by Maestra Jocelyn de Cranewell.

After thanking those in attendance and the Canton of Petrea Thule for their hospitality, Their Majesties asked those attending their first event to come forward. Although there were none in the room, one cup was passed on to be presented to a newcomer who had attended, with Their Majesties’ welcome.

Court was then concluded.

By the pen of Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, acting as Royal Herald to Their Majesties.

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