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Court Report – Trillium Wars

An account of the courts of Their Majesties Quilliam Rex and Tangwystl the Queene at Trillium War, the first day of July in the year of the Society LII.

Court was opened upon the field in the early afternoon as the Barbarian who could not be found at Murder Melee was spotted beside the listfield. Tannin was called forward by Their Majesties and presented with a jar of dirt. A hide was unfolded bearing writing that explained that said Tannin was being created a Baron of the Court, and that said jar bore the land over which he has dominion, and wherever a little of it be scattered, that would be considered his lands. Also set out were terms of tithes of livestock, gold, and drink to Their Majesties and the Baron of Ben Dunfirth. He was invested with a coronet of bone to confirm his new station.

Court was reopened in the evening after a delay due to the local weather deities.

The Ealdormere Waits were summoned forward. Master Martin indicated that this group of musicians now had proper registered heraldry and that a charter had been presented to Their Majesties for their signature. The charter was produced, already signed and sealed, and was read into the record. With the charter accepted by Master Martin, the Waits departed, but Her Majesty indicated that one Jamie fitz Mordain, a dancer, did not have leave to depart. Several members of the Queen’s Rapier Guard surrounded him to ensure he stayed. It seemed that reports of his activities, such as dancing in church on Sundays, occupying the time of the Caldrithig musicians with his research, and other such deeds had been reported, and such were confirmed by Master Martin, Mistress Emma, and Mistress Marie. It seemed that the only remedy for such a troublemaker was to beg a boon for him to be admitted to the Order of the Laurel for his dance research and teaching. Their Majesties agreed that this was a right and proper thing, and a writ was read out that he might sit his vigil and be duly elevated in the Great Hall in the Debatable Lands at Pennsic.

After fealties were recieved from the Chivalry and Populace (the latter which developed a certain tunefulness due to the presence of the Widow Kate), leave was granted to each of the baronies there present to hold court, and the baronies of Septentria, Skraeling Althing, and Ramshaven did so. The Barony of Ben Dunfirth was silent, and His Majesty publicly wondered whether Baron Brand was up to something.

A petition was received from His Excellency Duncan McLeod concerning the operation of siege engines and the handing over of said engines from veterans to newer blood. Their Majesties promised to give it due consideration.

Their Majesties then admitted THL Tadc and THL Raithe, who, hearing the phrase “Bacon is Victory”, decided that Ealdormere needed more bacon, and that a war banner bearing this motto should be borne into battle at Pennsic. Said banner featured a trillium and other elements that could only be blazoned as “bacony.” The banner was entrusted to Sir Baldric as TRM’s general and the bacon to the commissariat.

There was yet more bacon to come. Their Excellencies of Ramshaven had promised two pounds of said substance to be provided each year as their taxes. Their Majesties had asked it be presented at Pennsic, but as Their Excellencies would be unable to transport such delicacies past the toll keepers in Rhydderich Hael, it was presented at this event.

The members of Hexenhaus were called forward. They had sponsored a Thrown Weapons tourneys, and presented gifts of brooms (their household badge) and small flags to the winners of said tournament.

The White Wolf Fian was called forward. The challenge of Lady Alienor, who had conducted experiments in spinning using various drop spindles, written of said experiments, and taught classes, was accepted as complete. Lady Orla rechallenged with a new project (creating coin dies). New challengers included Astrid of Beremere (calligraphed and bound book of Anglo-Saxon poetry), Vindemia (Roman hair dye) and Amelye (Eleanora of Toledo stockings) were presented to Her Majesty and approved to proceed.

The Preceptor of the Ealdormere Academy of Defense was called forward. THL Lars announced that Cesare had successfully challenged as a cadet, and invested him with his red scarf.

THL Pelayo Lanza Hierro, Trillium Herald was called forward, and all members of the Ealdormere College of Heralds were invited forward to witness as he transferred the office to THL Sciath ingen Chaennaig. Before doings so, he thanked members of the college who were stepping down, including Her Highness Rylyn as Green Mantle, Mistress Wencenedl as Afon Fawr, Maistres Medb as Seeblatt, THL Sciath as Rising Waters Pursuivant, and Her Excellency Liadin as Calygreyhound. After THL Sciath swore to refrain from dicing , taverns, and places of ill repute, water was poured on her head and she was invested with the tabard, chain of office, and baton. She in turn appointed many new officers.

Their Majesties announced that Lord James Edgarsson would be added to the Scroll of Honour for “his generous spirit, valour, and elan in the face of pain whilst displaying skill and prowess at our great tournaments.”

Their Majesties called forward Astrid of Beremere (she who had just challenged the Fian) and awarded her Arms. Scroll was created on site in its entirety by Dame Asa.

Faelan of Skeldergate, after some confusion with one of the canine persuasion named Balin, was awarded Arms, as was Gareth of the E’rainn. Kennis of Beremere was likewise called into court, but did not arrive until later.

Their Majesties called forward Neala Andrimirsdottir and presented her the Award of the Scarlet Banner for her fighting prowess, in the form of a giant War Spoon carved by Master Corwyn and Duchess Domhnaill.

Henry Foster was called before Their Majesties and asked whether he knew why he was there. When he said he did not, the Order of the Crucible was called forward, and despite his humble protestations, enthusiastically indicated that he should join their Order, and he was duly inducted.

As she made to depart with the other Crucibles, Lucia d’Enzinas was called back into court. Their Majesties indicated they were greatly impressed by her service and called forward the Order of the Wain, who affirmed that it was their wish she join their ranks, and it was thus done.

As Kennis of Beremere had arrived, she was invited back into Court and awarded arms.

Their Majesties called forward the event staff, and both they and Their Excellencies Septentria presented the event Stewards, THL Hans and Lady Neala, with gifts for their service.

As was tradition, Their Majesties invited forward all who were attending their first event. So many were there that there were not enough cups to present to everyone and His Majesty invited them to see him after Court to receive their gift. Amongst the first timers, the tiniest was the young daughter of THL Bjarn and THL Orlaith.

After a few announcements, and words from Their Majesties and Their Highnesses, His Majesty noted once again that Baron Brand had been very quiet, and that perhaps he might like to speak. “Sure!” said the Baron. He asked the audience who was going to Pennsic, and then asked all of those who had volunteered to stand up. He then encouraged all to volunteer, because that is what allows Pennsic to happen–folks like Duchess Dagmar, who arrive weeks ahead of time to draw lines and set up the camp, people who are rarely recognized. And then he begged a boon, that the same Duchess Dagmar be elevated to the Order of the Pelican, and a great cheer arose from the populace. The Order was summoned (includin
g some visitors from afar who had been hiding the whole day) and she was sent on her vigil, with elevation to occur at Pennsic.

The Court concluded with the recognition of a certain 150th birthday.
For the True North Strong and Free, Wassail!
For the Crown of Ealdormere, Wassail!
For the Kingdom of Ealdormere, Wassail!

Post scriptus: The bacon presented earlier to the Comissariat had almost immediately gone missing, and a certain Not So Innocent Viking Countess, after swearing fealty in her own words, was appointed to look into the matter. Their Majesties also received the taxes of the Brewer’s Guild.

Recorded by Nicolaa Rouge Estoile, acting as Royal Herald to Their Majesties

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