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Kingdom Seneschal seeks successor

Greetings good people of Ealdormere!
It has been a year since I have stepped into the role of Kingdom Seneschal, as such, I am beginning the process of seeking my successor. While I would not be stepping down until Spring Coronation 2019, I would like to have time to work with my successor prior to the change over the office. The deadline for applications isJune 30, 2018.  Applications should include a letter of interest and your SCA and Mundane resume with relevant experience. Please send all applications to myself by email at

Full details of the Kingdom Seneschal Role are out lined in Corpora, Kingdom Law, The Seneschal’s Handbook, and the Policies and Procedures of Ealdormere.

Job Description according to Kingdom Law:

ARTICLE VII – Duties of the Officers of State

VII-100  The Kingdom Seneschal is the chief administrative officer of the Kingdom and shall act as a signing officer in all contractual matters involving the Kingdom.

VII-101  The Seneschal shall supervise the process of formation and advancement of local branches according to the Laws and operating policies.

VII-102  The Seneschal will ensure that meetings of the Privy Council are conducted in an orderly fashion and that agendas and minutes of the meetings are issued promptly.

VII-103  The Seneschal shall be responsible for reviewing the content of all proposed laws and law changes to ensure that they do not contradict existing Law or Corpora. The Seneschal shall maintain a current listing of Kingdom Laws. The Seneschal, in concert with the Chronicler, shall ensure that the Laws are published every 20 years. The Kingdom Seneschal shall ensure that changes to Kingdom Law will be made available to the subjects of Ealdormere on the Kingdom Website.

VII-104  The Seneschal shall be responsible for soliciting bids for Kingdom events as defined in Article IV and for the maintenance of the Kingdom Calendar of Events.

VII-105 Contracts involving the Kingdom may be entered into only by the Seneschal with the approval of the Crown, in consultation with the Privy Council. Such contracts must be signed by the Seneschal, following the procedures outlined in the Kingdom Operating Policies, Section One – Financial.

VII-106 The Seneschal shall appoint deputies as necessary to fulfill requirements of the office. Deputies to the Seneschal may include but shall not be limited to:

Council Secretary – responsible for minutes of council meetings
Chatelaine – responsible for providing assistance to and education of new and prospective members of the SCA,
Calendar Secretary – responsible for maintaining the Kingdom calendar of events,
Deputy of Youth and Youth Programs- responsible for organization of children’s activities within Ealdormere.

If you have any questions about the position, please do not hesitate to chat with me, I would be happy to discuss the challenges and rewards with you.

In service,

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