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Kingdom Exchequer: Royalty Room specific expenses

Greetings to the people of Ealdormere from your Kingdom Exchequer,
It has come to my attention that we have been inadvertently breaking Society policy when we host refreshments for event Royalty Rooms.

Royalty Room specific expenses are not an allowable SCA expense under Society Financial Policy (see Society Financial Policy IX-E,

The issue essentially comes down to access.   Because the room is closed off to the general populace, any expenses related specifically to Royalty Room contents (food, decoration, etc.) are not allowed.

Future events should not include budget lines for Royalty Room hospitality expenses.  Seneschals and Exchequers should keep an eye out for any such expenses on event bids and return to the autocrat for revisions.   
Note that this policy does not impact comping royalty for lunch or feast.  
Questions and concerns can be directed to:
Yours in Service,
Jane Caldwell, KExch

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