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Ealdormere’s Zoom Account

​Greetings unto the Kingdom of Ealdormere;

Privy Council has arranged to host a Professional Zoom account to assist with maintaining community while we are all practice “shelter in place”. The biggest benefit of this video conferencing account is that a paid account offers meeting time limits much longer than the 40 minutes that come with a free account. 

 If your group, guild, household etc would like to hold a public meeting on our Zoom account please fill out this form

Meetings should be open to the general Ealdormerian populace, even if the meeting itself is narrow in scope (ie “Equestrian Enthusiasts Moot”). All meetings will be reviewed and then approved by the current Lord Clerk-Register.  Meetings will not conflict with each other. Meetings will be advertised on Ealdormere’s Calendar page. 

Until we meet again
Baroness Lucia
Lord Clerk-Register

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