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Job Opening: Kingdom Exchequer

To the People of Ealdormere,

​Fondest Greetings to you all.  I dearly hope that everyone is safe and well in these trying times.

​As you may have already gathered from the past few editions of The Tidings, my quest to find a replacement officer is still ongoing. My term is set to expire this September (at the time that would have traditionally been Fall Coronation), but I am in need of securing a deputy now.    This time is vital to provide for overlap/training time so that the incoming officer will be supported in their transition.

Applications are further extended until June 30th, 2020.

I urge anyone with questions about the position to contact me at  In person chats may be off the table currently, but I am also happy to set up a phone or video call.

The full rules and requirements to hold office can be found in the Exchequer’s Handbook, Chapter 1 (, but bare minimum: candidates need to be members in good standing, have reached the age of majority in the place they live (18 in Ontario), receive the Kingdom Newsletter, hold no other office, not be a landed Baron or Baroness or sitting Royalty and must not live at the same address as any other signatory on the accounts being managed.

The handbook outlines roles and responsibilities of a Branch and Kingdom exchequer. I encourage all candidates to read this section before applying for the position.

Interested parties should send their applications to both the Kingdom Seneschal and myself at the following addresses:

Please include your SCA CV, highlighting any relevant experience you have.  Modern experience is also very welcome.   It is recommended that the prospective candidate has held an exchequer position in the past.

Yours in Humble Service,

Jane Caldwell

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