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Update on Closures

Greetings unto Our Beloved Kingdom of Ealdormere,

As parts of the Province of Ontario move into the next stage of re-opening and increasing the size of social gatherings, so too must the Kingdom look to how we will move forward. We know how difficult this is for everyone. We all miss gathering together as we are used to. We all look forward to when we can gather together again. However, it is with heavy heart that We announce that time is not quite here yet. 

Although the Province is increasing the number of people for social gatherings this Friday to 10, the Kingdom will remain closed for in-person official activities until further notice. 

The Kingdom Seneschal, in consultation with the Privy Council, is working on a plan for moving forward together and at a reasonable pace. A pace that helps ensure the safety of our people, that applies openings equally to all groups, and where the numbers for in-person gatherings allowed by the Province should be at such a point that groups would be unlikely to have to turn people away from a meeting, A&S gathering, or martial practice. Master Lars has already sent an email to the local seneschals regarding this for more information. 

We know this is not the news many of you were hoping to hear, it is not the news We wanted to bring to you today, but We feel it is way too early in this pandemic to be gathering in-person and putting our friends and loved ones at unnecessary risk. We know it is a lot to ask, but We would ask that you all bear with Us and wait a just little longer. 

Always in Our hearts and thoughts, We look forward to when we can all gather together again.

King Rattanicus and Queen Isabel

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