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Draft copy of the new Order of Precedence!

Greeting to the people of Ealdormere from Rylyn Buchanan, Trillium Herald.

I am overjoyed and proud to announce that we have a draft copy of the new Order of Precedence! It’s taken way too long but after almost 2500 people and over 8000 other entries we are finally at a point where we can enter the second phase of proofreading, and that means I need some help from you.
All of this new data was entered by human beings and they make mistakes. We’ve done an initial audit of the data but even if we were perfect, I know that we are still missing awards, especially Baronial awards

So, PLEASE go check your entry of the new OP, check your friend’s data, check the data for the person that got an award that you remember, heck check your enemies data!

There are a couple of features of the new OP that I’d like to bring to your attention. First is that we now have the capacity to record the date people move or die. This, however, means we are missing many of those dates or even if they get recorded at all. Second, is the alternate titles. We’re slowly adding the list of approved alternative titles, so if you would like that recorded, please let us know.

Profound thanks go to the techno mages; Brand, Matthaus, Gwendolyn, Lucia, and Lars. And to the incredible audit team; Isabella, Gregor, Caoilfhionn, Nicola, and Dietrich. We seriously could not have done it without you.

Duchess Rylyn Buchanan
Trillium Principal Herald, Ealdormere

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