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Spring Crown Tournament

Good Gentles of Ealdomere!

On behalf of Their Lupine Majesties, Konungr Steinarr II, King by Right of Arms, and Dróttning Margraig, Queen of Summer, we are honoured to present the List of Combatants and Consorts for this Spring Crown Tournament, to be held Saturday, the 27th day of May, Anno Societatis LVIII

Master Brand Thorwaldsen for Duchess Jocea Valente

Duke Sir Siegfried Brandboern for Mistress Augusta Weyfare

THL Guillaume Le Breton, ‘Vigilant to the Order of Chivalry’ for Countess Joleicia of Litchfield, Member of Order of the Laurel

Count Sir Baldric Leeman of Newcastle Emlyn for Countess Breyla La Viennette

Master Kolbjorn Skattkaupandi for Mistress Wencenedl of Rokesburg

The Honourable Laird James Edgarson for Meisterin Emelote of Calais

The Honourable Lord Laurenz Tonnemacher for Lady Ilsebet Jeghersche

The Pirate Lord Jack for Lord Mattius of Petrea Thule


In Service to the Crown,

Séamus, Pentland Herald