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Trillium War Theme Contest


Greetings awesome people of Ealdormere,

As I mentioned in Court yesterday, Lady Leisl Woolmonger & I will be your Autocrats for War of the Trillium 2014. In the spirit of the creativity we all witnessed yesterday it was rather fitting that I announced our kingdom wide “give Trillies a theme” competition. 

We are looking for a theme that will be creative, fun, exciting, will lead to a great T-shirt design, and generally inspire everyone to come out and enjoy Trillium War once again.

Anyone can enter the competition by submitting as many theme ideas as you would like to the following email address:

A committee of event staff and our lovely Excellencies of Septentria will be judging the competition once it closes on January 10th 2014. The winners will be announced at our friends in the shire of Bastille du Lac’s event Tournoi du Coeur de Glace on January 18th.

The prize for the competition is free entry for 2 to the War of the Trillium 2014 camping event.

We look forward to seeing your entries.

Lady Eeva the Restless & Lady Leisl Woolmonger
Seneschal & Deputy Seneschal of Ard Chreag
Co-Autocrats War of the Trillium 2014

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