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This Month in Ealdormere’s History

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

In December AS 10, Sylard of Eagleshaven first set his eyes to the lands to the north of Eoforwic, looking for unused tracts of land suitable for founding a penal colony. Over time Sylard’s collection of outlaws and brigands would grow into a true canton, known as Petrea Thule. Sylard later moved on again, and took up residence in the thistly land of Monadh. 

Petrea Thule would gain renown as the birthplace of royalty and nobility. The canton would produce not one, but two, sets of Septentrian nobility. For Petrea Thule was home at various times to Cordigan d’Arnot and Diane d’Arnot (the second Baron and third Baroness of Septentria), and Ieuan McKellmore and Adrielle Kerrec (the third Baron and the fourth Baroness of Septentria). This is the same Cordigan and Diane that would one day be Prince and Princess of Ealdormere, and Baron and Baroness of Ramshaven. The Norseman, Thorbjorn Osis Brandson, was first seen dwelling in the Thule. Indeed, he and Ragnheithr Thorbjarnarsdottir lived in Petrea Thule during their own reign as Prince and Princess of Ealdormere. Osis would later also reign as King of Ealdormere once it became a kingdom. Adrielle would also later become royalty as she and Sir Nigel MacFarlane would reign twice as king and queen.

For a time Petrea Thule would also be known for its shieldwall. The wall, which included Ieuan, Cordigan and Osis, seemed invincible and often took no casualties. One popular legend tells of future Septentrian Baron Aedan na Kincora leaving the field at Pennsic and watching the wall with the yellow scutums destroy their enemies. When he asked what kingdom was so privileged to have such soldiers on the field he was told that the wall came from his newest canton. “Well,” he said, “I am certainly glad they are on our side.”

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