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From the Minister of Arts & Science

To the talented, warm, and generous people of the Kingdom
of Ealdormere do I, Wencenedl, KMoAS, send wishes
for an auspicious start to the year!

It has been two months since our Fall A&S event and I’m
still hearing people talk about! It is a good thing, I think,
that we have a Spring A&S Faire in less than three months’
time. I am looking forward to another wonderful day and
I trust everyone has their projects well in hand. It was also
encouraging to have a lot of discussion about the Arts
& Sciences in Ealdormere at the Kingdom Moot held at

At this time, I am accepting applications for a Sucessor.
Ideally this person will spend a year as my deputy and
then step into the role. Therefore, I would like to that
person chosen and approved by Privy Council prior to
Spring A&S. The deadline for applications is March 1st.
Please include a letter telling me why you like the job and
a CV of your SCA career.

Fare ye well always

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