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Kingdom Regalia

At the recent moot, members of the populace have asked what specific items of regalia would be of use. Below is a list of some that are needed or at a minimum could certainly be used. 

• Thrones (should break down)
• Banners 
• Banner Stands 
• New Box(es) for between the Thrones
• New box(es) for TRM and TRH feast gear
• Table cloths
• Award tokens
• Covers for halbards that tie one
• Kingdom Cloaks (light and heavy weight) 
• Day shade for in Kingdom 
• Crowns

Many of the items noted above the Kingdom has but they are showing their age and general wear and tear. Yes they can be fixed but some new items would also be of use. 

Some thoughts on Regalia 
• Sturdy- Assume all Regalia is packed, unpacked, and assembled by people who have been deprived of sleep and driven a couple hundred miles, and/or very eager 4 year olds. Over and over and over. Assume likewise that assembly directions are lost after the first day unless they are burned in, sewn in, or glued on.
• Non fragile- There is a fine line to be tread between lightweight and fragile, but assume things will be put down on it, even with the best of intentions, unless it has a very specific box.
• Boxed/bagged- Unless it has a VERY specific case, assume things will be packed with other things. There are only so many boxes that will fit in TRM’s car. Also, bags will get mixed up, unless you label them
• Colorfast- Red is a fugitive dye in the best times- it often runs, and also fades in the sun. Test your fabrics for color fastness- some well-intentioned soul will wash them. If you can use something like Raycafix to set the color. Dry cleaning isn’t the best option either. Leather dye should also be appropriately fixed, and a coat of clear varnish will prevent many pink paint scrapes. 
•Correct- If you are using the Royal heraldry, please ensure it is the correct heraldry that the Trefoil or Trillium is the right way up. 
•Convenient- Vehicles change with every reign, not everyone has a van or trailer, some may drive a smart car. Please endeavour to make items that can fit in a medium-sized car. Consider, if you can sensibly pack it in your own vehicle, along with your own wooden chairs, feast gear, garb, armor, banners & stands, modern clothes and needs, then it is likely something the Royal Family may do the same with.- This is about the minimum that the Royals travel with in Their own vehicles.
•Matched- the unity of the Royal Family is symbolically communicated by the unity of Their appearance.
•For the Royal Presence- Please consider how your donation enhances the ceremonial presence of the Royal Family.

Nigel and Adrielle
Rex et Regina Ealdormere

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