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Winner Theme Contest for War of the Trillium 2014 Announced

As promised, our winner of our Theme for War of the Trillium 2014 was announced at Tournoi du Coeur de Glace. 

The submissions were gathered by one person only, with no one else having knowledge of their owners. 

We were overwhelmed with the responses! It was great! Thank you to everyone that submitted their ideas! I can tell you that if your idea didn’t make it here, it may yet become a day event theme! 

We went through them one by one…. Can we work this one into a camp …….. yes, yes, but …. . We kept coming back to one and decided that must be theme! 

Our winning theme for War of the Trillium 2014 will be set in “16th Century Elizabethan, The English vs the Spanish, No One Would Expect the Spanish Armada”.

Congratulations to Lord Albrecht Stampfer! His prize is admission for two to War of the Trillium 2014! 

Lady Lysele Wollemenger
Deputy Seneschal of Ard Chreag
Co-Autocrat of War of the Trillium 2014

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