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This Month in Ealdormere History

On the thirteenth day of May, in the thirteenth year of the Society, the northern shires were recognized as a true barony of the Middle Kingdom by King Merowald II and Queen Kirsten II. So thus in our northern lands the number of thirteen is no ill omen but a sign of good fortune.

The name of this new barony was Septentria, which, as Duke Sir Finnvarr later explained, was derived from the Latin septentriones, meaning north, northern region, or north winds. The Barony’s arms featured a bear, representing the northern lands, and three interlaced chevronels in honour of the three founding shires—Eoforwic, Ben Dunfirth and Noerlanda. Gillian d’Uriel—who designed the barony’s arms—then became the first Baroness of Septentria.

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