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From the Web Minister


I have recently met with the Privy Council and we have come to the decision not to continue hosting the Ealdormere Wiki as a Kingdom. 

We will release the database and files to the populace of Ealdormere as we do recognize that the community assembled the content and we want to release that to the populace should someone desire to maintain the Wiki.

If you would like to take over the wiki, contact me at

I am looking for my first deputy – a Kingdom Cartographer!

I am looking for a deputy to organize and implement the creation of new Kingdom Maps for display and use of the Kingdom Website and the populace at large. While we have some nice digital maps, they are dated and are sorely in need of updating.

You don’t have to create maps yourself (though that would certainly be a nice attribute)

If you are interested is this job please contact me at


THL Eirik Andersen
Kingdom of Ealdormere Web Minister

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