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From Their Majesties – August


Many are the joys of a Summer reign! We have just experienced a stellar joy – that of witnessing a gallant Crown Tournament fought in beautiful weather by bravely attired gentles, and culminating in victory by Their Graces Trumbrand and Kayla. Wassail and welcome to the Heirs to the throne of the North.

Another joy we experience weekly as we travel through the Kingdom, seeing Our Subjects at their many worthy endeavours. Your happy faces and energetic mien truly delights us. Not even the looming
shadow of War can damp the spirits of Northerners – nay, it seems to make fighters the fiercer and artisans more creative, and lend added beauty to song and vigour to dance.

When we lead Our Companies out on the Pennsic
fields we know the name of Ealdormere shall as
always be honoured and glorious in the eyes of the
Known World.

Siegfried and Ragni
Rex et Regina

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