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Court Report – Trillium War

Court of TRM Siegfried and Ragni
Trillium War
June 28, 2014

* A moment of silence was held for Lady Bridget Larkin and other absent friends
* New thrones were presented by Lord Augustine von Bricksten
* Populace swore fealty
* Lady Eeva the Restless made a presentation of banners
* His Grace Sir Nigel MacFarlane recognized the fighters of the day.

AOA – Adelaide van der Eych (a big damn rock was the scroll)
AOA – Aerik Leikson

* Lord Eirik Anderson was put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican
* Lady Asa Gormsdottir was put on vigil for the Order of the Laurel

AMH – Lady Eluned verch Angor
AMH – Lady Elicia Ahearn of Bastile du Lac
ASB – Lord Daffyd ap Alun
ASB – Lord James Edgarson
AO – Lady Catriona Inghean Ragnail
ASB – Lady Alienor la Fileuse
OW – THL Daniel of Whitby
OC – THL Avelyn of the Hedge
OTH – Baron Shahid Al-Hassan
Court Baroness – Mistress Helen of Greyfells

* Lord Varakii Varenko Vikovitch was put on vigil for the Order of Chivalry

Laurel – Mistress Tarian verch Gadarn

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