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Words from Their Majesties Regarding Their Crown Tournament


Thank you to all those who stepped up and put themselves forward for the
chance to serve Our Kingdom. We are very pleased with the level of honour
and grace and inspiration that was shown by all the combatants and their
consorts at Our Crown tourney this past weekend.

We would like to welcome the new Heirs of Ealdormere, Prince Quillium and
Princess Tangwystl. Wassail!

Thank you to the Barony of Ben Dunfirth for hosting Our tournament. It was
truly a splendid day.

To Lady Augusta, event steward, THL Yoshi, feast steward, and all the
volunteers who helped staff positions, kept us fed at both lunch and feast,
who served and who made the whole day work, thank you. Running an event of this level requires a great level of work and you all excelled.

Thank you to the marshals who took the time to make sure Our tournament was run well and safely. Your work is always appreciated.

Thank you to the heralds who made sure We and everyone else in the hall,
knew what was going on and for making sure all our combatants and their
consorts were properly called in during the procession.

To the Lady Kestra, list mistress and those who helped her keep the list
organised and running and to Liadin for keeping the board updated so both
those at the event and those unable to make it were able to see what had
happened and what was going to happen next.

To Lady Augusta, THL Alexandre, Baron Richard and all those who use their
time to capture so many moments on camera to share with others, thank you very much. Your photos are always appreciated.

A final thank you to Mistress Asa and all the scribes who have done (and
continue to do) such diligent work in making sure the people of this
Kingdom have beautiful scrolls to help recognize their accomplishments.

Siegfried and Xristina

Velikii Knyaz and Velikii Knyagina

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