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Ealdormere Shows Rick Mercer & the CBC How To Turn Back Time

The Canton of Caldrithig was pleased to host Rick Mercer and a small crew of the CBC’s “The Mercer Report” at their event Feast of the Hare on November 5. Rick spent the day meeting people from all over Ealdormere and trying his hand at some of our activities, including dancing and armoured combat—even melee! Their full day’s-worth of filming will be edited down into a segment a few minutes long.
This media opportunity brings tremendous, positive exposure for the SCA in Canada, and for the kingdom. The Mercer Report airs nationally, so other Canadian SCAdians will see how Ealdormere shows its pride. It also means millions of viewers will watch the fun we have and perhaps be tempted to come out and meet us, wherever they are in Canada.
Support for the production was overwhelming–from those in attendance, and from those who made all the logistics happen. Well over two dozen volunteers stepped up to show Rick various activities on camera! Our episode does not have an air-date yet, but it will likely broadcast between the end of November and February 2017. Watch for an update on the broadcast here!

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