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Court Report – Queen’s Prize Tourney

Honors given by Siegfried and Xristina,
Queen’s Prize Tourney, November 26, 2016, A.S. LI

Award of the Wolf’s Cub – Liam of House Marchmount
Award of Arms – Lucia de Enzinas (tee hee!)
Award of Arms – Elenore de Cherbourgh
Award of the Maiden’s Heart – Marguerite Gingraix
Award of the Orion – Magnus Kowalsky
Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer – Thorfinna gra’feldr
Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer – Mahhild de Valognes
Order of the Crucible – Mahhild de Valognes

Eluned verch Angor was placed on vigil for Order of the Laurel.
The Dread Overlords of the Grand Duchy of Ben Dunfirth donated $1253 as proceeds from Crown Tourney.
Their Excellencies Arthur de Beaumont et Shadiyah al-Zahra, emissaries from the East Kingdom, gifted a basket of cordials and treats.
TH Laird Colyne Stewart answered the bardic challenge of their Majesties.
Lady Merewen de Sweynesheie stepped down as Proctor of the Academy of Defense, and Master Giovanni di Enzinas stepped up.
Marsalai inghean Aoidh and Martin Bildner successfully challenged into the White Wolf Fian.
Mahhild de Valognes was selected as the Judge’s Choice for Queen’s Prize Tourney for her block printing.
Gerart VanderBorch was selected as Queen’s Choice for the Queen’s Prize Tourney for his hand-forged locking mechanism.

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