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Artisan Lupine

The Kingdom A&S competition is coming up and in case you are unaware, there are two competitive aspects to our competition. There is the Pentathalon, which is where a single entrant produces five projects showing a breadth of knowledge. Traditionally, the Crown of Ealdormere takes this competition into account when choosing Their A&S Champion.

There is also the general entry competition. This is the part where a single person or a group enter a single project to be judged. The winner of the general entry portion is the project that scores the highest and is basically the best in show.

I think the winner of the general entry competition deserves a little bit more recognition and I am excited to introduce the accolade of Artisan Lupine. This is an honourary title (pride and bragging rights only, no precedence) that will be awarded each year to the individual or group winner of the general entry competition and remains with the winner in perpetuity. 

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