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Crown Tournament

Greetings unto the Good People of Ealdormere,

Our Crown Tournament will take place on May 23 in the Shire of Bastille du Lac and We invite everyone to join us on that day to enjoy the festivities, watch or participate in the Tournament and cheer on the most noble combatants as they compete, with the aid of their inspiration, for the chance to sit the High Seats of this amazing Kingdom in which we live. 

We would love to have a good number of combatants participate in Our Crown Tournament this Spring and We hope that this missive reaches many who may wish to consider it, but may not read or receive the Kingdom Newsletter. If you have never fought in Crown Tournament before, but wonder what it might be like or have questions, please seek out Ourselves or others who have ruled in the past to find out more. We have a wonderful fighting community in this Kingdom and We would love to see more of you participating in Crown. 

Those who wish to participate in Our Crown Tournament should ensure that their letter of intent and appropriate documentation reaches both Ourselves and the Kingdom Seneschal not later than 11:59 pm, Saturday, April 18, 2020. Prospective combatants and consorts may give Us and the Kingdom Seneschal their documents either in person or by electronic submission. It is Our intent to announce the list of combatants at Our Coronation on April 25 in the Barony of Rising Waters.

As the Crown very much serves the Kingdom, We would ask that, in addition to the legal document requirements set out by the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Law as noted below and in the Kingdom Tidings, your paperwork must also include a list of events attended and a list of all service performed within Ealdormere for both the combatant and the consort for the past year. It is also Our requirement that the consort be present at the tournament to provide inspiration and participate throughout the day. 

Combatants are encouraged to make a reasonable attempt at a period appearance. Weapons will be freshly taped and in good repair, shields neatly painted and obvious plastic including plastic bosses and basket hilts should be covered. 

The format for Crown Tournament will be as follows: 

The initial tournament will be a Double Elimination with initial random draw onto the tree, each round being best 2 of 3. Weapon forms do not need to be matched during the initial rounds.

For the semi finals and finals, matches will be matched weapon forms chosen from the following list: Weapon and Shield, Pole Arm, Two Weapon, Great Sword, Single Sword, and 6 foot Spear. A shield or buckler may be used in the weapon and shield fight. Two weapons can be either 2 sword or a combination of two weapons. Any weapon with a butt spike must have a minimum length of 48″. Great weapons including Pole Arms, Great Axes, Great Swords, and Spears will be maximum of 6 feet. Weapon forms cannot be repeated. One of the six forms will not be used

The semi finals will be sets of best 3 of 5 weapons forms. Each weapons form will be best 2 of 3 fights. In order to move onto the finals the fighter from the no loss side must win 1 full set of 3 out of 5 weapons forms or the fighter from the 1 loss side must win 2 full sets of 3 out of 5 weapons forms. All fights will be matched weapon form throughout with the fighter coming from the no loss side getting 1st, 3rd, and 5th weapons selections and the combatant from the one loss side will choose the 2nd and 4th weapon form for the first set and, if the 2nd set is required, the fighter from the 1 loss side having 1st, 3rd and 5th weapons selections and the combatant from the no loss side having 2nd and 4th selections. During the semi finals every effort will be made to ensure combatants do not fight someone they have met in the previous round. If this is not possible the pairings will be done randomly.

The finals will be matches of best 3 of 5 weapon forms. Each weapon form will be best 2 of 3 fights. All fights will be matched weapon form.  The fighter with the highest rank will choose the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weapon selections and the lower ranking combatant will choose the 2nd and 4th weapon form.

Should anyone have questions regarding Our tournament, please do not hesitate to contact Us.

Rattanicus and Isabel
Prince and Princess

From the Kingdom Seneschal

As Their Highnesses state, Crown Tournament will be on 23 May and They are calling for those who wish to fight to make their intent known. They are happy to receive your submission to fight in Crown either in person or electronically. Please make sure to also provide me with a copy, either in person or via email at Note well that the deadline for submissions is firmly set at 11:59PM, Saturday 18 April 2020.

Please be sure to include copies of your:

  •  Letter of intent,
  •  Combatant’s authorization card — both sides,
  •  Membership cards of combatant and consort — both sides,
  •  Signed copy of the declaration form — found in the library on,
  •  Proof of residency — either as a copy of a bill or as copies of combatant and consort’s driver’s licences, and
  •  Such other requirements as requested by Their Highnesses in Their requirements.

Please review the applicable laws of Ealdormere before submitting your application:

III-400 All prospective combatants and consorts must be paid members of the SCA and must maintain that membership through to the end of Their reign. Proof of membership must accompany the request to participate in the Crown Tournament.

III-500 All prospective combatants and consorts in the Crown Tournament must meet the following requirements:

     III-501 They must be subjects of Ealdormere as defined by Corpora and must remain subjects of the Kingdom through to the end of Their reign.
      III-502 They must be at least 18 years old.
  III-503 They must have been subjects of Ealdormere and have demonstrated a clear level of involvement in the Kingdom over the year prior to the Crown Tournament.
      III-504 They must be armigerous.
   III-505 All prospective combatants must be authorized to fight as an armored combatant in the Kingdom of Ealdormere and must present proof of authorization when submitting their letter of intent.

III-600 Any person who does not meet the requirements of Section III-503 or 504 may make an application to the Heirs under the “Rule of 12” as outlined below:

The Prospective combatant and consort shall submit a request to participate in the Crown Tournament pursuant to Section III-200. Their request must be accompanied by a letter addressing why they seek dispensation from Section III-503 or III-504. This letter must bear the signatures of 12 subjects of Ealdormere, all of whom are armigerous. By signing the dispensation request, the signatories vouch for the worthiness of the candidates. Due weight will be given to this request.

Note: This dispensation request must accompany the request to participate in the Crown Tournament and is not a method of recourse after a combatant or consort has been disallowed from the Crown Tournament.

III-700 Neither the Sovereign or the Consort of Ealdormere, nor any person who has served as Sovereign or Consort of Ealdormere within three months prior to the Crown Tournament, may participate as a combatant or consort in that Crown Tournament.

III-800 No prospective combatant may have more than one declared consort. No prospective consort may be fought for by more than one combatant.

If you have any questions about any of the laws regarding Crown Tournament, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Service,

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