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Coronation and other future events

Greetings, Ealdormere.
There have been questions and inquiries as to possible paths forward with regards to Coronation. I hope to answer some of those here.
We live in unprecedented times, and each of us is a witness to and a part of history being made. It would be easy to give in to fear and panic, but instead we embrace hope. Hope that this will begin to see some resolution, hope that we will be able to gather again, and hope that we can resume regular life – all sooner than later.
The BoD sent this missive to all Crowns and Kingdom Seneschals of the Known World:
With that hope, we also recognize the recommended cutoff of 30 April for activities that the BoD has given in the missive linked above. As you know, Ealdormere has already closed practices and meetings in light of this. When it comes to Coronation on 25 April – that’s less than a week from the cutoff. And so we do hope that circumstances will allow us to proceed as planned on the date with everyone being safe to attend.
Make no mistake, though, that hope must be tempered by reality. This pandemic is sweeping the globe and growing here at home at an alarming rate. We must and do plan for the likely event that 25 April will not be viable – and also that dates beyond the end of April may not be available. We are considering many possibilities. A number of you have reached out with ideas for the succession of the Crown. We appreciate each and every one of your missives, and I promise they are being taken and discussed. In any case, a decision will be made in time to give you all plenty of notice and ensure that event planners have the time needed to wind down plans gracefully.
The Board is working closely with us to ensure that we have the support we need to make the right decisions, and to provide any variances we will need to move or otherwise alter Coronation (and any other corpora-mandated events that may be affected).
We live in uncertain times, and what we can do right now is buy time to give us the best chance to assess our options without closing them off prematurely. The BoD has given us a very broad ability to bend the law with regards to our plans and although we hope to not need to do so, we will when it is clear that the situation requires it. In the meantime, being able to use the time we have to reassess our options is a luxury we still possess and should not squander.
Also know that while these missives come from the Seneschal’s office, Their Majesties, Their Highnesses, and the Privy Council are all part of the discussion behind them.
In the meantime, we all should follow the health and safety guidelines handed down by the Federal and Provincial governments. At the same time, we must care for more than just our bodies. Don’t descend into pure isolation – reach out to your friends and bolster each others’ spirits. Share stories, show each other your works, stay in touch, and support each other. Stay strong, Ealdormere, and stay together (virtually!) We will persevere.
Stay safe, folks.


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