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Kingdom that sings!

Greetings to the people of Ealdormere from Prince Rattanicus and Princess Isabel.

As we find ourselves spending more time waiting for the summer campaign season to begin we have a longing for the campfire and the joy that it’s heat brings.  With fire comes circles and with circles comes song. Songs then become a Kingdom.  A Kingdom that sings!

To this end,  Her Highness and I will be sponsoring a Kingdom of Ealdormere Bardic Circle this Saturday at 8pm.  

What you say that you have heard His Highness sing before and you jumped on board Her Majesty’s Galleon for seven or eight years? Rest assured Her Highness has decided that His Highness Rattanicus will not be leading this bardic circle! In fact Her Highness thought of all the great bards that Ealdormere has and one name stood out,  Mistress Marian of Heatherdale ! 
Mistress Marian has agreed to bring the duct tape and the MKS (Microphone Kill Switch) for His Highness and lead this bardic circle on ZOOM this Saturday, March 28 at 8pm.

We hope to see and hear from many of you this weekend singing in the Key of Army.

The Link to the Zoom meeting will be posted as soon as possible keep checking back often and will be posted to the Kingdom Calendar.

In service to the dream.

Rattanicus and Isabel

​Prince and Princess of Ealdormere

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