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Calling All Artisans – Newcomer Cup Fund

Kniaginia Xristina Viacheslavova, KMOAS and Jane Caldwell, KExch 
Greetings to the Most Noble Populace of Ealdormere from your Kingdom MOAS and Kingdom Exchequer.   We are proud to promote a new initiative that supports local artisans while welcoming new blood into our Kingdom.

One of our most cherished traditions is to present our Newcomers with a cup at their first event.  It is an offering of friendship and welcome with the hope they come to share a drink with us again in the future.

Countess Marioun, during her reign, called for a new initiative to help support this effort going forward.  While individual donation of physical cups to the Crown are always welcome, we would like to support our artisans who wish create cups to help with this tradition. 

Kingdom Policy now has room to support and encourage artisan donations towards the Cup stores.  A sub-fund has been created to supplement material and studio costs for artisans wishing to create cups for gifting.

For those wishing to find out more or to apply to fund, email the KMOAS at

Financial policy language on the structure of the fund can be found at

Not an artisan, and think this is cool? Donations of funds towards this project are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made directly to the Kingdom Exchequer, or to your local Branch Exchequer. Please let them know what the money is for, and they’ll direct it appropriately. Both individuals and branches can donate towards this fund.   Let’s see what magic we can make together!

Kniaginia Xristina Viacheslavova, KMOAS and THLady Jane Caldwell, KExch 

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