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Upon the Question of Coronation

Greetings to the people of Ealdormere from Queen Kaylah and King Trumbrand,

As Our time on the Lupine Thrones draws to an end, many have been curious about the succession of the Line of the North.  

The Royal Family, with approval from the Privy Council, applied for and received a variance from the Society.  Ealdormere has been granted an accommodation that will ensure the succession takes place in a timely manner.  

Their Highnesses will take up the virtual crowns of Ealdormere on the originally scheduled date, April 25, 2020.  This will allow Them to begin the administrative duties for Their reign without delay.  There will not be a virtual ceremony.  We will simply be passing Them the keys to the Kingdom in the form of the Majesties email account, and all attendant administrative powers.

We look forward to bestowing the physical crowns at a to-be-determined future event. Flexibility is essential when the north winds blow.  Depending on the situation in the world, Coronation may be held at either an event already existing on the calendar, or may be a newly scheduled event. Please be patient while we wait for the world to regain equilibrium.  All will be informed as soon as a Coronation date is set.

It is our fervent hope that some day soon there will be a Coronation in the physical world with all the ceremony and splendor as befits the incoming King & Queen of these Northlands.  (And then We can get all this regalia out of our house!)

Until then, enjoy the modern medieval world as best you can: retape your weapons, fix your armour, sew that stunning new outfit, research that thing you’ve been meaning to look up, bake bread and brew beer!

May you and your loved ones have good health,

Kaylah, Queen by Right of Arms
Trumbrand, King of Grace and Patience

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