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Let there be song!

Greetings to the good People of Ealdormere from Queen Kaylah and King Trumbrand;

We may be unable to gather in person, but the fellowship of Our Kingdom continues through the magic of technology. The wonderfully talented Mistress Marian of Heatherdale will be generously sharing her talents on Saturday March 28 at 8pm via the magic of Zoom.

All good citizens of Ealdormere are invited to share in this event! Clap your hands, dance like no one’s watching and sing like no one can hear you. Because this concert was his idea, yes, even Prince Rattanicus can sing along if his microphone is turned way way down.

In these uncertain times, everyone needs a break from the ever vexing news. Ealdormere has been very good at maintaining a positive outlook. Give yourself an opportunity to smile.

Let there be song!
Queen Kaylah & King Trumbrand

Link to Zoom

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