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Kingdom of Ealdormere Group Locator Map

Warmest and Most distant greetings,

To the good People of Ealdormere I submit a new perspective of our Great Kingdom. In an effort to allow for newcomers to locate their local Group more easily, I have created the Kingdom of Ealdormere Group Locator Map. As you will see, this is an interactive and searchable map that will return the Shire/Canton/Barony serving any given location, with links to the Group webpage and Seneschal emails. The Group boundary data is derived from previous maps and, frankly archaic, written descriptions of borders. The rest of the map features consist of the standard ESRI basedata (itself combined from other basedata sources).

​Please note that any disputes regarding Group boundaries must be directed to the appropriate High Seats. Should those High Seats feel a change is required, they may contact me. Otherwise, I encourage anyone with suggestions of additons or changes to submit them to me at

In Your Service,

​ Henry

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