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Missive From The King & Queen

Greetings unto Our Beloved Ealdormere,

As we move forward through this long summer, We are hopeful that the months ahead will provide us all with opportunities to gather as we have become accustomed. As the mundane authorities allow for larger gatherings so, too, will the Kingdom open. In looking forward to being able to get together again, one thing is clear, the wearing of face coverings or masks is going to be a part of things moving forward for the foreseeable future. 

With this in mind, We would issue a challenge to those good gentles who would accept, to attempt face coverings and masks that are heraldic and/or medieval inspired! They could be constructed of your heraldic colours, incorporate your personal, household or Kingdom populace heraldry or badge, covered in handcrafted lace, embroidered, stamped, the possibilities are endless. They can be of any style the wearer is comfortable with, however if one is looking for instructions or a pattern, Baroness Matilda has generously put together a tutorial and pattern that can be found in this month’s issue of the Tidings. We would love to see what you come up with and show off the talents and imagination of Our Kingdom and Baron Alexander Gladstone has offered to assist in this task. We would ask that once constructed, please send a photo of your mask or, if so inclined, a photo of you wearing it while in garb to Baron Alexander at Please put “EALDORMERE HERALDRY MASK” in the subject line when you send your photos along with the appropriate permissions to allow for the use of the photo in the body of the message.  It is Our intent to have the compilation of photos featured in an episode of Ealdormere at Home. 

We will be announcing further photo challenges throughout the summer months and would welcome ideas from the Kingdom, not only for themes for the challenges, but for other ideas for online content you would like to see from Us as well. Please send your ideas to Us by email at

One of the difficulties of having everything move into the virtual is the limitations it puts on involving the children of the Kingdom in the activities. Our plan had been to bring hobby horses to events during Our reign to gift to the children of Ealdormere to be theirs to decorate and bard so that they might participate in equestrian challenges. We would still very much like to do this, but its implementation requires some adjusting. As such, We ask those with children to contact Us by email and provide Us with a mailing address that We might send your children a gift of a hobby horse! Please note there will be some assembly required upon receipt. 

It has been so wonderful to see the all of the inventive virtual events and classes being hosted throughout the Kingdom. While not the events we are used to, Ealdormere has certainly risen to the challenge of this time of the plague and shown we will persevere and we will not be discouraged! 

Finally, and as previously announced, as We continue to find Ourselves without Heirs We have extended the deadline for submissions for Our Crown Tournament to Sunday September 20, 2020 at 11:59 pm.  As in our previous letters, Our Crown Tournament requirements and Tourney remain the same with the exception of the deadline change as noted above. Should anyone have questions regarding Our tournament, please do not hesitate to contact Us. 

We look forward to when we can all gather together again.

King Rattanicus and Queen Isabel

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