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Kingdom Zoom Account

Greetings to the Good People of Ealdormere.

I think I can safely speak for the Crown when I say Thank You to all the generous groups and individuals who have donated towards the Kingdom Zoom account.

As you may know from the challenge issued in Episode 4 of Ealdormere At Home, the Kingdom has been using the 500 participant level of Zoom account ($87/mth +tax) to make sure we can reach our populace.

As we have settled into our Digital routines, we have noted that the participant numbers have safely dropped below the threshold of the next lowest account. We have added other means of distributing our broadcasts such as streaming on the Kingdom Facebook Group and uploading the recordings to the Kingdom YouTube account. We can still reach the populace without the continued need of the high level account.

For these reasons, and to maintain good stewardship over the funds you entrust us with, the Privy Council has decided to shift our Zoom account to the 100 participant, unlimited time tier ($20/mth +tax).

Knowing that groups may be contemplating donations towards our Zoom account, we wish to inform you of the change to maintain transparency and to enable you to make informed decisions.

April R/ Jane Caldwell, KExch

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