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From The Order of the Chivalry

The SCA honours living history, and has always done so with a progressive social mindset that values inclusion, tolerance, and common respect. Intolerant, exploitative, and predatory practices were a part of many historical cultures that our Society depicts, but we have always made the conscious choice to concentrate on the best social virtues that history has to offer. Against the backdrop of challenges that modern society is grappling with, our ‘conservative’ re-enactment of history is at its best when it honours a ‘progressive’ social value system. In the current climate of completely warranted anger over the status quo, the Order of the Chivalry has pondered how we can improve the situation. 

As knights and masters who choose to do so, we swear to the Royalty each reign that we will be the “Shield of the Weak”, “Courteous at all times”, and “Champion of the Right and the Good”. The chivalric virtue of humility teaches that each of us, from time to time, will fail to live up to what our oath demands, and that as an Order, we must guide one another towards being better. Recent deliberations within the Order have led us to believe that further improvement is warranted; our values compel us to hear your criticisms, and to do better in living up to our oaths. There are no perfect knights, but trying to be is a worthy endeavour in spite of inevitable flaws. 

This is not the first time that our Kingdom or our Society has made this sort of statement. If we take this challenge seriously, then recurrent deliberation and reaffirmation of these values is appropriate, in much the same way that we renew our oaths for each new Sovereign. We are not the only ones who serve this Kingdom: we rely on officers, peers, and our fellow populace to hold up the ‘Mirror of Chivalry’ so that we can see our flaws. Sometimes it is people outside our Order that are best suited to define our problems and show us the path to solutions. Our role as an Order is to hear them, respect them, and learn ways to be better from them.  

We value inclusion, tolerance, and respect, and support the cause of justice.  We will not defend those who, through bigotry, sexism, intolerance, bullying, or other predatory behaviours, have made themselves morally indefensible 

If you have experienced one of these things, we encourage you to bring it to one of us. We will advocate for a resolution. We will help ensure that the person best qualified addresses your issue.

​Edward the Red

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