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Phase II

Greetings unto Our most patient Populace of Ealdormere From King Rattanicus and Queen Isabel.

Long you have waited to see your fellows in person and We know this has been hard. As a community, you have all done amazing keeping things going in the very different virtual world in which we all find ourselves.  We are so very happy to finally announce that the time has come to allow us to begin to move forward opening the Kingdom!

As the Province is now completely in Phase 3 of Ontario’s Reopening Plan,  We, along with the Privy Council, have voted and agreed that it is time that the Kingdom can move into Phase II of the Ealdormere Reopening Plan. 

Ealdormere will go into Phase II this Saturday, August 15, 2020, at 10:00am

This will allow groups to host in-person local meetings and A&S gatherings should they choose to do so.

Her Majesty and I are so proud of the sacrifices made by the people of the Kingdom and are so looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Rattanicus and Isabel
Rex and Regina

NOTE: To keep Our Kingdom Seneschal happy, We remind groups that all meetings and gatherings must comply with the rules stated in the Ealdormere Reopening Plan for Phase II and follow Provincial Guidelines for gathering sizes. This does not allow for any martial activities at this time. Please contact Master Lars with your group’s plan.

From the Kingdom Seneschal

I’ll remind everyone of the reopening plan (which has now been updated to reflect Their Majesties’ good news)

And, please, while the Provincial limits are quite generous, let’s bear the spirit of the BoD resolution in mind – and not make the Society Seneschal have to explain to the Board why there were 100 people at an A&S gathering in Ealdormere 

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