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New to the SCA?

Hi everyone! Your friendly Kingdom Chatelaine here! We’re going to try something new … a monthly video chat meeting to help our newcomers understand the SCA.

At 7pm this Thursday August 20th, this month’s topic will be, cantons, shires, baronies, and a kingdom, oh my! How our club is broken down into local chapters.

After a brief chat about this, we open the floor to any newcomer questions.
(Now the practical stuff — we are trying to build an comfortable space for new people where they can easily ask questions and get simple answers. Newcomers might be someone playing 0-3 years but want to understand the SCA better. Experienced folks may want to join in to help, and that’s great, but please message me privately in advance, and we can coordinate your involvement without overwhelming newcomers.

Cheerfully slaving for my feudal masters,

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