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Greetings Ealdormere Light Cavalry!

For the past few months We have been sending Our finest steeds throughout the Kingdom to be stabled, barded and trained by the youth and young at heart of the Kingdom. We know they are being well cared for and We would love to see how things are going.

In episode 11 of Ealdormere at Home, they would like to feature a Light Cavalry Parade!

Please send a short video clip (5-15 seconds) or still photos of you and your mighty steed. If you have made barding for your mount, we’d love to see that too! Everyone is welcome to participate whether their horse came from Us or was already in your stables.

Please see the Ealdormere at Home website for more information on the submission process.

Due date is no later than Oct 3 (the earlier the better).
If you would like to participate and currently do not have a horse, please send Us an email at @ and We will send one out to you.

We look forward to seeing Ealdormere’s Light Cavalry in all its glory!

King Rattanicus and Queen Isabel…

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