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From the pen of TRM

Greetings unto Our Inspirational Kingdom of Ealdormere,

As we move into the fall of this most unusual year, We are reminded of the grand Crown Tournaments past fought this time most years. We are reminded of the pageantry, of the camaraderie, of the prowess, and of the companionship. Most importantly, We are reminded of the inspiration that helps drive and support the combatants in their quest for the Crown.

In homage to the consorts of the past whose inspiration has led their combatants to glory, the theme for Our October Court will be inspiration. Inspiration comes from so many of those around us and in so many different forms. We are inspired to create, to fight, and to support. We are inspired by friendship, by guidance, by great and noble deeds. We are inspired by dedication, by service, by leadership, by prowess. We are inspired by teachers, by helpers, and by craftspersons. So many amazing people in this glorious Kingdom inspire us all in so very many unique ways.

​We personally find inspiration every day in the wonderful classes and gatherings being hosted throughout the Kingdom to help keep everyone connected.   

While tournaments oft-times give participants an opportunity and a venue to speak of the virtues of the one that inspires them on the field that day, there are seldom opportunities for non-marshal members of the populace to do so. As such, We would like to hear your stories and praise of those who inspire you and share those words with the populace during Our Court. Your inspiration could be a person or a group. Written boasts can be sent to Us through the form on the Kingdom website at or directly by email to If you would like your boast for your inspiration to come from you, you can submit a short video of you talking about your inspiration that We will play during the evening. If you would like it to be kept secret who it’s from, We can do that too! Just make sure to note it in the submission that you would like it to be anonymous.

We very much look forward to hearing your stories of inspiration and sharing them with the Kingdom. 

King Rattanicus and Queen Isabel

Year of the Plague

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