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Lord Clerk-Register job ad

Greetings Ealdormere;

I stepped up into the Lord Clerk Register role last November. Although it is a different job than I initially thought it is still a really interesting one, and one that I am proud to have. It is the practice of Privy Council to seek deputies to replace members at one year so that there is time for overlap, so at this time I am seeking applications for my eventual replacement. 

The bare minimum requirement: 

The Lord Clerk-Register needs to have 

  1. a current SCA membership, 
  2. a reliable internet connection, and 
  3. a working computer. 

The Duties

  1. Report to Privy Council and the duties therein such as reading Kingdom level event bids, vote on laws and other motions. Advise the Crown and the Seneschal
  2. Oversee the regional deputies, and maintain a current warrant list for their majesties to sign at future Coronations
  3. Report to society 5 times a year, including Blackfox award nominations, and keep up with the the society wide Slack chat server
  4. Keep up to date, including making sure any approved expenses related to the web site are paid in full and update content as required
  5. Maintain the Emaildodo listserv and add groups as the Kingdom requires
  6. Book Zoom video conferencing appointments with the Kingdom Calendar Secretary using google calendar, and launch the program for the use of anyone in the Kingdom. 
  7. Answer emails related to the in a timely manner, and
  8. Attempt tech support when needed

I spend probably 4-12 hours a week on the above, most of that staying on top of the Zoom requirements. Once things are back to “normal” I think that these hours will go back down to pre-pandemic levels of 4 to 5 hours a week. I will train my successor on all the software requirements. 

If you have any questions email me at and I will try to answer them. 

Applications are due by December 31, 2020. 

In your service
Barones Lucia de Enzinas, OL
Lord Clerk-Register. 

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