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Archery and Thrown Weapons Marshal ad

​Greeting Ealdormere
With less than a year remaining in my two year terms as Kingdom Archery Marshal and Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal I must begin the search for my successor(s).

Duties of a Kingdom Marshal include:

1. Coordinate activities of all marshals within the kingdom by:
a) Receiving the semi-annual reports from the marshals.
b) Solving problems, anticipating problems or clarifying misunderstandings by answering questions and initiating frequent dialogue with marshals at events.
c) Communicating frequently in the kingdom newsletter.
d) Keeping an up-to-date address/phone list of all warranted and inactive marshals and MIT’s.
e) Renewing warrants annually.
f) Coordinating warranting and training of MIT’s.
g) Consulting periodically with the Crown and the Earl Marshal in order to best respond to kingdom needs.

2. A quarterly report to the Earl Marshal and Society Marshal by means of:
a) Writing reports on the state of archery in the kingdom.
Reports should include:
i) a summary of archery activities in the kingdom
ii) a list of current warranted marshals
iii) a brief summary of the status of current projects you are working on or have delegated
b) Regular check-in at events or by e-mail on the status of current projects

3. Encourage archery throughout the kingdom by:
a) Supporting ideas and projects whenever feasible.
b) Suggesting projects that would help to encourage activity or improve accuracy and accepting feedback on the success or failure of said projects
c) Being a resource for archery and maintaining and enforcing all safety rules
d) Travelling to various regions throughout the kingdom to both encourage archery and gain feedback on activities (being visible and accessible).
e) Making award recommendations to recognize service and skill in archery in the kingdom.

If there is anyone interested in putting their names forward for consideration please contact me at one of the following email addresses: or

Master Gunther Wahlstadt

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