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Giant Kingdom Project – A Processional Banner

The Guild of Vexillology is organizing an ambitious project with a goal of creating a giant banner to be flown at the opening ceremonies each Pennsic. The goal is to have as many people participate as possible and have their personal badges represented on the banner.

The idea is to create your badge on a 10X10 inch square of silk with the area of decoration being 8×8 inches. Those who don’t have registered badges can ask advice of a herald and create a simple design to represent them. Badges should be simple and recognizable at a distance.

You can create your badge using any method you prefer whether that is painting, applique or embroidery. Those who have silk and materials can go ahead and use what you have. Donations of silk and materials will be appreciated.

There will be opportunities to work on this at events and practices. Anyone who wishes to help facilitate this, please jump in and bring frames, materials and let people know that they can each make one square. Please join the Vexillology Guild to get involved in further planning of this massive project. Please let me know what you need for materials and I can dispense donated silk and others may have materials to share.

Royal Ealdormere Guild of Vexillology (Unofficial) | Groups | Facebook

For those who can’t get out in person I can mail squares of silk out. We can also arrange virtual paint-alongs on zoom. Anyone who would like to teach, please go for it. This is a case where there can’t be too many cooks in the kitchen.

The goal is to have all the squares decorated and gathered in one place by the end of winter, to be sewn together in spring.

 Lady of the Pelican, Countess Marioun