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Regarding Membership affiliations

Greetings everyone,

As a number of you are aware there have been some issues regarding the Kingdom affiliation assigned to a number of memberships. This seems to be affecting anyone who has a membership with an N based postal code. I’ve been in discussion with Society and it is believed that the issue is tied to the migration of the SCA Database, which is not complete yet and has been fraught with issues.  

Society and our Kingdom officers are aware of the issue. Unfortunately, this will not be fixed quickly so please be patient. I have not been given any timeline as to when this will be sorted out. The good thing is that the incorrect Kingdom note on your membership will not affect you or how you play in Ealdormere, even if you are applying to fight in Crown tournaments (which requires proof of address to confirm residency within the Kingdom). 

If you are having troubles getting a membership at all, then you should call the Corporate office during their business hours (be aware of the time change) or send an email. 

Louise Du Cray
800-789-7486 or 408-263-9305 (Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm PT)  ext. 202

To sum up: We are aware there is an issue, it is being worked on but it’s going to take time to fix. 

For now, if your postal code starts with N and you end up with a Middle Kingdom membership, I no longer need to hear about it as we are aware of that issue. If your postal code starts with another letter and your membership does not say Ealdormere, then please email me at

In service,

Xristina (she/her)

Ealdormere Seneschal