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Volunteer Opportunities

There are Kingdom level volunteer opportunities within the Seneschalate available! 

Kingdom Seneschal

I am still looking for a successor for the Kingdom Seneschal’s office. The office changeover will occur in May 2023. If you are interested, please send an SCA CV and letter of interest to Deadline for applications has been extended to November 15th, 2022. 

Waiver Secretary

The Waiver secretary is a deputy office of the Kingdom Seneschal. They are responsible for maintaining the signed waivers from events, practices, etc and then destroying them when their time has expired. You will need an SCA membership, an active email account and mailing address (paper forms are completed at events and are either mailed to the waiver secretary or a hand-off may be arranged at the discretion of the officer). If you are interested in applying for this position, please send me an email with a letter of interest. 

Call for a new Kingdom Media Relations Deputy (from the outgoing deputy)


I am actively seeking my replacement for Kingdom Media Relations Deputy. The position reports directly to the Kingdom Seneschal. That said, it actually has very little reporting requirements. They are mostly incident or request based. In my opinion it is one of the more unique Kingdom positions and can provide great experience that applies to the mundane world as well. It can be quiet for long periods of time, broken by a flurry of activity in short bursts requiring close attention.

The position requires: 

  • An ability to respond to media requests promptly, and likewise promptly route requests to the Kingdom Seneschal or local groups;
  • A good knowledge of Ealdormere and the SCA, to answer questions;
  • A bit of tact and judgement to think critically about the requests received. 

Candidates interested in the office should have regular access to phone, web and email. You also need to be an SCA Inc. member. To apply, please email the Kingdom Seneschal a note with your interest to Thank you!

In faithful service to the Crown,

Baroness Avelyn Wexcombe

Thank you to Their Excellencies, Baroness Anne Tinker and Baroness Avelyn Wexcombe for their years of service. It is appreciated. The deadline for applications for all three available positions is November 15th, 2022. 

In Service,


Ealdormere Seneschal